Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Pest Management Association is dedicated to leading the structural pest management industry in the Commonwealth by providing superior education opportunities for the industry, a united voice for the industry in the Commonwealth, and maintaining the trust of its members, as well as the citizens and government of the Commonwealth, while sustaining its tradition of environmental stewardship.



The Pennsylvania Pest Management Association is a group of structural Pest Management Professionals who value member participation, interaction, communication, and a spirit of cooperation between companies of all sizes.

The goals of this Association are:

  • To make a meaningful, positive impact for all pest management professionals in the Commonwealth through education, representation, and providing a resource of information for their benefit.
  • To educate the citizens of the Commonwealth regarding this industry’s positive contributions toward protecting health, property, and well-being
  • To guide the government of the Commonwealth by serving as its technical and pest management business resource in regulating and protecting the property, health and well-being of citizens of the Commonwealth.



The Pennsylvania Pest Management Association values the trust and support of:

  • The citizens of the Commonwealth.
  • The structural pest management industry in the Commonwealth.
  • The government of the Commonwealth, and encourages communication between these parties.

Above all, this Association values its traditional role as a steward of the environment, an educational resource for the Citizens, Pest Management Professionals, and Government of the Commonwealth, and an advocate of moral responsibility and business integrity.

Meetings and Schedule


May 6-7, 2021
Industry Safety Summit
Orlando, FL


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